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Walter White (wip)

I know I are thinking another goddamn (right?) Walter White portrait! Didn't we have enough already :)
It started off about couple of years back as I wanted to do a quick and fun project with him , full body and likeness and ended up in a video that I might post later (not for everybody's taste tho :)
Then It died off for the longest time till I picked it back up sometime last year and it evolved in something more that I did originally plan for.
At that point I wasn't only going to try and get the most accurate likeness that I could but also to build a full FACS facial rig that could let me pose and animate him and therefore focus only on his head/bust.
Here an initial glimpse on where I am at. (in particular the eyes region). Hopefully will be able to share soon the final thing. More wip stuff
available at: